Tuesday, November 9, 2010

7 C's of a Website - Prominent Venture Group Evaluation

Websites can either make or break a business. A good website is crucial to any business. There are 7 C's that should be considered when designing a website.
  1. Context: layout and design
  2. Content: what is in the site (text, pictures, video, or sound)
  3. Community: user-to-user interaction
  4. Customization: ability to tailor the site for different users
  5. Communication: site-to-user interaction (what is being communicated on the other side?)
  6. Connection: site linking to other sites
  7. Commerce: capabilities to complete a transaction
For our class project, my team is working with Prominent Venture Group. When we accessed their website, we found their site to be appropiate in all areas.
  1. Context: very easy to use and interact with
  2. Content: good text and visuals, no sound or video
  3. Community: none, but not a high priority for their business
  4. Customization: once a member joins PVG, the member can tailor the site - very useful and appropriate
  5. Communication: very little - we thought their "Contact Us" tab needs more information on how to contact them
  6. Connection: no connection, but not a high priority for PVG
  7. Commerce: PVG is secured by authorized.net, which assures customers their transaction and information will be secured
Evaluating a website, like PVG, helps understand how important the 7C analysis is.

Thank you for reading.

To look at Prominent Venture Group's website visit:

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