Thursday, October 7, 2010

CodeBaby: Cracking the Code

Last week in our e-commerce class, the CEO of CodeBaby, Patrick Bultema, graced the class with a fantastic speech and presentation. For those who don't know what CodeBaby, here is a brief overview:

You know those avatars that show up on websites to converse with you upon landing on a website and  during exploration? Those are created by CodeBaby. CodeBaby claims that a CodeBaby conversation is personally engaging, emotionally intelligent, and highly interactive. Most importantly, it offers dramatic results.

It was surprising that most of Bultema's presentation ciculated around the brain and how it processes information. He tied together human emotions and marketing. By understanding this link, CodeBaby is successful in improving customer's website experiences.

We encourage everyone to check out CodeBaby's website: Whether you're interested in using CodeBaby for your own business or curious about how your own emotions affect your behavior, it's worth checking out. Don't forget to read some of Bultema's blogs too!

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  1. I missed this class so it was nice to hear about the speaker from you guys. Thanks ladies!